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Spore syringes are a commonly used medium that contain spores from any kind of mushroom strain. One syringe contains millions of quality mushroom spores, floating in a sterile solution. … The mushroom spore syringe is used to inoculate substrate, a nutritious grow environment, with a mushroom strain of choice.
Once you have collected spore prints from your magic mushrooms, it’s time to make spore syringes. Essentially, the syringe consists of a mix of sterile water and spores that are used to start the germination of your next batch of shrooms.  Spore syringes do not last as long because eventually the water develops bacteria. A general guideline is 8 to 12 months. Although we have heard many reports of 2 to 5 years. If your spore prints do not germinate within the usual time frame then rehydrate them in sterile water for 24 hours.
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